We supply & fit Pop Top Roofs in Glasgow

Westdubs Pop Top Roofs


We’re excited to announce that we have selected Westdubs as our primary supplier for Volkswagen T4, T5, and T6.1 roofs. In addition, we also offer pop top roofs for Ford Transit Custom, Vauxhall Vivaro (2014 onwards), and Renault Trafic (2014 – present) vans.

If you’re seeking an upgrade to your camper, there’s no better modification than a Pop Top Roof. Not only do these roofs provide you with the ability to stand upright, but they can also add two additional berths with the inclusion of a bedboard.

At our Glasgow depot, we can install these roofs in just one full working day. However, we recommend leaving your van with us overnight to ensure that the bonding is fully cured.

Westdubs Pop Top Roof Features

  • M1 tested
  • Vacuum formed
  • Stainless steel scissor hinges
  • Galvanised steel side strengthening frames
  • Waterproof canvas
  • High quality materials used for maximum longevity
  • Choice of coloured canvases
  • Can hold 60kg with roof bars
  • SCA style tracked canvas allowing easy changeover

Roof Prices:

  • Transporter Westdubs SWB from £3,190
  • Transporter Skyline SWB from £3,190
  • Transporter Westdubs LWB from £3,396
  • Transporter Skyline LWB from £3,636
  • Transit Custom Westdubs SWB from £3,654
  • Renault Trafic Mk2 Drivelodge SWB from £3,300

All prices include vat & fitting

Extra’s Available:

  • Scenic canvas from £200
  • Colour coding to suit vehicle body from £360
  • Standard bedboard £300
  • Bi-fold bedboard £375
  • Cab closing hatch £120
  • Strengthening frames carpeted £200
  • LED lights installed £15 per light
  • Flexible reading light with USB port (recommended) £50

While there are cheaper options for pop top roofs, it’s essential to tread carefully in your selection. If we could opt for more economical choices, we would, but the fact is, their quality just doesn’t measure up

odyssey canvas
sauleda canvas

*** When enquiring please answer the following questions ***


  • Is the van an empty panel van?
  • SWB or LWB?
  • Pop top colour? (black standard)
  • Canvas colour?
  • Scenic canvas or normal (scenic zip open panoramic)
  • Framework carpeting (check below)
  • How many LED lights (4 passenger, 2 rear if standard furniture on the drivers side, 10 recommended if not)
  • Bedboard or bi-fold bedboard (bi-fold gives extra standing height at the rear)
  • Cab hatch (required with bi-fold, finishes the roof area off perfectly)

Providing us with this information helps us respond to you enquires in less time.

The first stage of any campervan conversion

Fitting a pop top roof should be the first thing you do as part of any campervan conversion. The second step is usually cutting out the window panels. Following these steps will save you time and effort in the long run but also allows a far neater finish when carpeting.

Please click the links below if you would like more information on our carpet lining or window fitting services.


All available for lot’s of different makes and models of vans