Dometic 9222 RH


Brand New Smev Dometic 9222 combination sink and 2 gas hob burner. Right hand sink model complete with waste connector, cutting template (on box).

Dometic Smev 9222 Campervan sink and twin hob cooker combi unit RH

The Smev/Dometic 9222 is the industry’s most popular camper van cooker sink combination unit and has been fitted to many thousand VWs and other campervans over the years. It has smart looking glass lids, a 2 burner hob and sink. The glass lids can be lifted one at a time to reveal the sink or the cooker or both. The 9222 is available with the sink on the right or left hand side please click on ‘sellers other items’ to see all the options. The cooker comes with a rubber seal for the rim, a waste fitting and plug for the sink, screws, washers and plugs for fitting and a Dometic manual. The Dometic manual contains a technical drawing of the cut out needed to fit the sink but to make life easier for you we have drawn a cutting template on the outside of the box.

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Dometic 9222 Right Hand Sink


Dimensions of Smev 9222 (Width x Height x Depth): 900 x 152 x 370 mm

Allow an additional 35mm depth under the sink for the right angle waste fitting

Dimensions of cut out for 9222: 883 x 307mm

This kit contains:

Smev 9222 combination unit with Right Hand sink
Sink waste with seal and plug
Screws, washers and plugs for fitting
Rubber seal for edge of cooker
Cutting template (on box) and user manual
We recommend that all gas pipes and connectors are fitted / checked by a qualified gas engineer.



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